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Problems in Sochi include cameras in hotel showers: Mortifying slip by official

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The area that the surveillance cameras in Sochi cover apparently include the showers, as the Deputy Prime Minister lets a comment slip about the shower habits of the visitors. When this top official was trying to defend the complaints about the problems in Sochi he "seemingly admitted to spying on hotel guests in their bathrooms," according to the Moscow Times on Feb. 7.

Dmitry Kozak spoke candidly while defending the complaints that are saturating the media today. He said:

"We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day."

That pretty much says it all! With this reveal making headline news today, the folks visiting Sochi will probably go on a hunt for those cameras before stepping into the shower again.

Kozak didn't seem aware of the fact that with that statement he had opened a huge can of worms. When reporters tried to ask him more questions on his camera statement, his assistant led him away.

While reports of dirty water, shortage of bed pillows and double toilet stalls sound uncomfortable at best, having someone monitoring your shower habits would be considered nothing less than mortifying.