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Problem Solved - Or Is It?

Keep On Writing
Keep On Writing

Have you ever picked up one of those self-help books and wondered if it would actually help at all? Henriette Klauser's book, "Write It Down, Make It Happen", accomplishes what it suggests it will do. Are you at an impasse? Write until you come to the solution. Find yourself really angry about something? Write until you come to the fear that is always behind the anger.

Take the thoughts about whatever seems impossible to identify or pin down and get out a stack of papers and write. Write without stopping! Fill that 8 1/2 X 11 and then go on and fill the second page and then the third!! You will know when you've come to the answer. You will know when you've uncovered the basic emotion underneath all the others.

Ms Klauser exposes you to new ideas that will make you think when she offers inspired statements like the following, "Beyond the whine, something is waiting. When you go on instead of give in, you get a sudden burst of energy, and often a surprise for going the extra mile. Remember those three little words: keep on writing."

Ms Klauser goes on to observe that the real find is just beyond that point you'll reach when you've been writing and you tell yourself you can't write anymore. As you break through that self-imposed limitation and continue you'll break out of the complaining and into writing words like, "I suppose I could..." which will shortly morph into a clear action plan or a possible "to-do" list for your next steps.

Try this and let me know what you think,