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Probation for Mayfair tire slasher

David Toledo
Philadelphia Police

David Toledo, the resident of Mayfair who was arrested and convicted of slashing tires of his own car and accused of slashing the tires of his neighbors was sentenced to 2 years probation today, May 12 2014. It was just over two years ago that residents of the 4600 block of Aldine St. were terrorized by multiple acts of vandalism. Tires were slashed on multiple vehicles. There was one man that was very vocal about this. His name was David Toledo.

There were times that he would call the news before the police to report his tires were slashed, police said. He was finally sentenced today, to the probationary term. The prosecution was asking for prison time, however Judge Edward Wright disagreed and gave him probation. Toldeo was convicted of slashing his own tires. He was acquitted of 45 other counts of vandalism.

Toledo has since moved from his home and is not able to find steady work,said his attorney William Brennan. The residents who had their tires slashed were not amused by the light sentence. Toldeo never admitted he was responsible for slashing all of the tires on Aldine St. Once he was arrested, the vandalism stopped. Toledo also has a record for vandalism what happened before this incident

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