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Probably the best motor glider in the world

Unmatched performance - Pipistrel Sinus
Unmatched performance - Pipistrel Sinus

The Slovenian light airplane manufacturer surprised the world with a series of "best" features for their aviation products. Pipistrel's Sinus is actually three aircraft for the price of one. A glider, a long range super-economic cruiser and the most versatile training aircraft on the market. Thanks to dual flight controls and a choice of either tailwheel or nosewheel undercarriage the pilot can use the Sinus as your primary gliding and powered-aircraft trainer. The excellent performance was confirmed with a World Champion title in 2001 and a record-breaking solo flight around the world in 2004.

Pipistrel products are all known for being virtually maintenance free. The highest of technologies, including honeycomb techniques, which we use to build composites and best quality metal alloys, including titanium and magnesium, which are used on parts of the aircraft, ensure that the aircraft will last a lifetime in a like-new condition. If you do not intend to fly for a while, you can disassemble the Sinus in only 15 minutes - all the controls are self-fitting, making this task as care-free as possible.

Sinus has the best fuel efficiency and best range
The motor glider is simply the most efficient and economical light aircraft on the market. Given its super-low fuel consumption of less than 10 liters per hour (2.6 gph) at a high cruise speed of 200 km/h (110 kts), you can easily fly over 1000 kilometers (540 NM) already with standard 60 liter (16 gal.) fuel tanks. With optional long range (100 liters; 26 gal) fuel tanks the range with reserve goes beyond 1650 km (890 NM).

Proven as probably world's best
Having already proven itself in the gliding arena with several eye-catching achievements, including a FAI 500 km triangle, the Sinus hold a multitude of World Records and aviation milestones. Sinus was the absolute winner of the World Championship WAG 2001 in Spain and came runner-up in 2005. In 2004 Sinus was the first light aircraft to fly around the World. Since then, our owners have performed remarkable long-range flights including a non-stop flight from Pisa to Lisbon, Athens - North Cape flight and the first ever light aircraft Australia - New Zealand crossing! Sinus also won the legendary race Paris – Madrid Green Air Challenge 2011.

Excellent short field performance
Pipistrel claims, Sinus was designed to go everywhere... The adjustable-pitch propeller and overpowered engine provides for an extra short take-off run of less than 100 meters (330 ft). The landing can also be made virtually on a spot, thanks to highly efficient airbrakes and excellent slow flying characteristics. Best STOL performance!

Unchallenged gliding performance
The motor glider Sinus is a glider by soul. Sporting 15-meter wings and a glide ratio of 1:28 when the propeller is feathered, you can enjoy countless hours in thermals without burning a single drop of fuel. Clean aerodynamic lines and a perfect finish is what enables the Sinus to perform even better than a number of typical motor-less gliders.

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