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Probable causes of pain in your cat

Watch me closely
Watch me closely
Karla Kirby

Some of the origins of pain in cats are more noticeable than others.
Most cat caregivers know when their feline has been injured, has gum disease, is recovering from surgery, or a problem with an ear, eye or areas of skin.

Less observable reasons for pain are arthritis, a basic urinary tract problem, a stomach ache; things going on mainly inside your cat.

If you observe delicate signs of pain but are unknowledgeable of any health problems with your cat, take him/her to a veterinarian right away. Remember cat years are shorter than human years—days too.

Also be alert to senior cats who frequently develop intervertebral disc disease osteoarthritis, and spondylosis--all of these conditions cause pain and w don’t want our precious kitties to suffer.

If your cat needs surgery there will be pain involved, regardless of how slight or custom the procedure is. Ask your vet how/she deals with pain before, during and after surgery.

The vast majority of cats experience a great deal of stress when taken for a visit to the veterinarian. Dread and unease can make pain worse, add being restrained and you can certainly understand the reason for your cat’s anxiety.

There are clinics that now use an assortment of flower essences to help reduce the stressed feline patient with good success.

Pain medication for felines entails special knowledge and vigilant attention. Certain opioids cause fewer side effects than others, and most NSAIDs must be avoided in cats.
Depending on the grounds of your cat’s pain, there are a integer of healing modalities that used alone or in conjunction with pain relieving drugs, can make a marvelous difference in how your cat feels and his/her quality of life.

Pet massage reduces inflammation and pain in damaged tissues.

Chiropractic treatments are inexpensive and can be very helpful in assuaging pain and lessening the pain of joint degeneration.

Adequan injections can encourage joint fluid very speedily in cats with arthritis.

Prolotherapy and acupuncture can be enormously favorable for felines with degenerative joint disease.

Adding certain supplements to your cat’s diet can supply the raw materials for cartilage repair and maintenance.

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