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Proactive Health: Get a Flu Shot

Time for a flu shot
Time for a flu shot

It’s the official start of cold and flu season and for those of you who opt out of the winter flu shot regiment, shame on you! You could reduce your risk of losing precious holiday time with your family from a nauseating episode of the winter flu. I’m passionate about my health that with the growing evidence about the reduction of colds as well as opting out of the flu, I’m getting a flu shot this year.

Flut shots are available everywhere and I’m having a Flucelvax shot from Walgreens. This weekend, make your holidays a little healthier by stopping into your local Walgreens store for a Flu shot. I’ll be at the Walgreens on State Street this Saturday from 2-4pm to get mine and encourage others as well. Flucelvax is now available in Chicago at Walgreens pharmacies. People can get vacinated at Walgreens, Dunne Reade and Healthcare clinics during pharmacy hours any day without an appointment.

I encourage people to be proactive about their health. There are many things you can do to be healthier and boost your immune system through the flu and cold season. Here are 5 things you can do to be healthier this winter flu season.

  1. Wash up. Washing your hands is the simplest way to keep germs from spreading. Make sure you’re able to sing the alphabet while washing your hands, in between your fingers and up to your elbow. Use a towel to dry or stay at the hand dryer for least 30 seconds to reduce risk of bacteria hangin onto your body.
  2. Stay home. If you’re sick, you should stay home. But if you have co-workers who come inot the office, encourage them to go home. When possible avoid contact with people who are coughing, sneezing, and looking like they have a cold and wash hands after talking with them.
  3. Sleep in on Weekends. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and get to bed early when possible. Sleep helps the body to recover and fight off infections.
  4. Drink more water. Having your body hydrated is key to optimal functioning. You should try to drink at least one full glass of water before each meal and before and after sleeping.
  5. Take a walk. Exercise helps boost the immune system and even if you have a cold, exercise can help reduce it’s intensity. When shouldn’t you exercise? When you have a temperature, nausea or severe headache.
  6. Veg out. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost immunity and decrease inflammation. The average American only eats 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables total a day. Your body needs 9-11 for optimal performance and minimally five a day to thrive.

Flucelvax information:
Flucelvax does not contain preservatives or antibiotics.
Flucelvax is a seasonal flu vaccine that’s manufactured using a state-of-the-art process that uses cells to make the vaccine, instead of eggs, like most traditional flu vaccines.
Flucelvax was the first influenza virus vaccine manufactured using cell-based technology to be approved by the FDA, and it’s approved for people over the age of 18.
To learn more about Flucelvax, you can go to or ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider for more information.

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