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Proactive Channeling


Have fun with energy, it is limitless.

As you develop your psychic and channeling ability, you may find yourself feeling vulnerable to the energies of others, situations and conflict. It is important to remember you are not a victim of your life—but the Master of it! As you will be able to choose when you read someone, you will also choose how you handle energy that flies your way. Being proactive with your channeling is key.

When you are faced with a friend or coworker who is upset, either with you or someone else, you may feel yourself slowly contracting. Your energy may be draining and you can begin to feel tired or stressed. Be proactive in this moment. It is an opportunity for growth—for you to take control!

Proactive Exercise


1. As they are talking, imagine a ball of energy swirling within you, behind your navel. Imagine it becoming bigger and stronger, centering and balancing you.

2. As it grows, imagine it shooting out in a warm color or light reaching the other person. You can imagine it surrounding them or filling them up. Let it empower them and sooth them.

3. As this continues, be present with them. Look at the big picture and imagine them as a child who needs comfort. Send a loving energy to them in this light.

4. You may find the conversation ends quickly or changes in a positive way. Focus back to your center and allow the energy to fill you as well. Nurture yourself. In doing this, you empower yourself and inspire others to do the same!

Remember to use this technique or a similar one in any and every situation where you feel out of control. It is a centering exercise and also a way to manipulate energy to create harmony around you. The more you use it, the easier it will happen. Soon you won’t have to do it consciously, it will work naturally.

Be empowered! Be proactive!