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Pro wrestling legend Sting teases joining WWE for next year's Wrestlemania 31

Sting makes news at Wrestlecon
Sting makes news at Wrestlecon

Pro wrestling legend STING who has been heavily rumored for years of finally joining the WWE, made waves today at WrestleCon in New Orleans. In a video posted on Instagram by user Jdew1492, Sting responds indirectly to the rumors and teases having a dream match at Wrestlemania 31 next year in California. You can watch the moving quote right here. Here is what Sting said that prompted a crowd at his Q&A session to erupt into loud chants.

“Well ya know what, I guess I have a new favorite number. It’s 31” -Sting

The former TNA and WCW World Champion has never performed with the WWE, and with WrestleCon taking place in the same town as WWE’s Wrestlemania 30 the rumor mill is running extra hard on what will be Sting’s next move. In January, Pro Wrestling Examiner reported that Sting had signed a deal with WWE but neither side had officially confirmed it.

The encounter that everyone is clamoring for is to see Sting enter the squared circle at Levi’s Stadium next spring against the franchise player of the WWE, the Undertaker. The dream fight has been talked about in wrestling circles for many years and would be a perfect way to give lifelong fans collisions of worlds.

Pro Wrestling Examiner’s Perspective: Sting has been seen as the only big name wrestling star to never compete in WWE, after being a headliner in both WCW and TNA it would make sense for him to finally make the jump. In his early 50’s with some injuries, this could be Stinger’s last ride but it would have the media machine of the WWE behind it and what better way to go out then to do it at Wrestlemania. If WWE wants to really get the ball rolling, having Sting show up on ‘RAW’ in New Orleans tomorrow night after WM30 is a good place to start. Read our full preview of tonight's WRESTLEMANIA 30 covering all the rumors, matches, and more.