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Pro Wrestling Examiner Match of the Day: the King vs Von Erich in '88

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'the King' Lawler
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

Every single weekday in 2014, Pro Wrestling Examiner will feature one match in the most full video form we can find and break down why this particular pro wrestling performance is something to see. Sometimes it will be an incredible bout between modern superstars on TV or independent wrestlers busting their way up the ladder, no matter what it will be pure pro wrestling fun. If you have a suggestion for a Match of the Day for Pro Wrestling Examiner to feature, look for this Examiner on Twitter @KevKellam.

WCCW TV 1988: Kerry Von Erich vs. Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler

While WWE started to explode on the wave of Hulkamnia in the 1980’s and buzz from their network TV exposure, other wrestling promotions felt the need to form alliances with each other to fight the growing empire lead by Vince McMahon. This is where World Class Championship Wrestling. Based out of Dallas, this promotion controlled a fairly large region with the Von Erich family at the top of the card. Jerry “the King” Lawler continued to be the man in Memphis wrestling, helping both promote, book, and perform on weekly arena cards in one of the hottest wrestling towns in America.

The worlds of Lalwer and Kerry Von Erich would collide in this memorable television match from 1988 when the King came into the match with WCCW’s open door invitation. Lawler held the AWA World Champion from the Midwest wrestling promotion American Wrestling Association and 'the Modern Day Warrior' was the WCCW World Champion. This night in Dallas there was to be one champ to rule over both respected promotion. Watch the entire match online with WWE's official Youtube channel at this link.

Kerry Von Erich would go on to compete in WWE in the early 90’s as the Texas Tornado. His run in the ‘E was short but exciting. Sadly, Von Erich committed suicide in 1993 after a long battle with a drug addiction and legal problems related to his drug use. Kerry Von Erich was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 with his brothers who also competed in WCCW.

Jerry “the King” Lawler has been the color commentator for WWE RAW and major pay per views on and off since the mid-90’s. He has competed sporadically in WWE while he continued to work in different wrestling projects in Memphis. Lawler appeared the 1998 biopic ‘Man on the Moon’ where he played himself in the reenactment of his feud with 80’s television comedian Andy Kaufman played in the film by Jim Carey. The King was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

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