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Pro Wrestling Examiner Match of the Day: Rob Van Dam and Sabu in an ECW classic

Every weekday in 2014, Pro Wrestling Examiner will feature one match in the most full video form we can find and break down why this particular pro wrestling performance is something to see. Sometimes it will be an incredible bout between modern superstars on TV or independent wrestlers busting their way up the ladder, no matter it will be pure pro wrestling fun. If you have a suggestion for a Match of the Day for Pro Wrestling Examiner to feature, look for us on Twitter @KevKellam and message us on Facebook.

Rob Vam Dam
Photo by John Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE

Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Hayabusha and Jinsei Shinzaki

From ECW TV in 1998, Rob Van Dam and Sabu defend the ECW Tag Team Championships against '90s Japanese standouts Hayabusha and Jinsei Shinzaki in today's Pro Wrestling Examiner Match of the Day. The match is posted in it's entirety in the video posted above this article.

This match is a real blast from the past showing off the insanity of Sabu and death-defying Rob Van Dam before he hit it big in WWE. Jinsei Shinzaki who some fans may remember from his breif WWE run in the mid-90's shines here as well, with a violent presence that he never got to show off during his more well known work in North America. Hayabusha with a hot mix of Japanese strong style and the gravity-breaking lucha libre he learned in Mexico, adds yet another action-driven dimension to this international all-star affair.

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