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Pro Wrestling Examiner Match of the Day: AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

Every weekday in 2014, Pro Wrestling Examiner will feature one match in the most full video form we can find and break down why this particular pro wrestling performance is something to see. Sometimes it will be an incredible bout between modern superstars on TV or independent wrestlers busting their way up the ladder, no matter it will be pure pro wrestling fun. If you have a suggestion for a Match of the Day for Pro Wrestling Examiner to feature, look for us on Twitter @KevKellam and message us on Facebook.

Former TNA Wrestler AJ Styles
Photo by Moses Robinson

Widely considered by many wrestling fans to be the best match in TNA Wrestling’s history, Samoe Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles for the TNA X-Division Championship from 2005’s Unbreakable still holds up as a modren classic. The match displayed all of the high flying and hard hitting action that the X-Division, one of the best features in TNA roster.

Samoa Joe in 2005 was a beast with a furious ability give and take punishment in any style of match. His flexibility to work in various wrestling style made him the perfect foil for the frantic speed of AJ Styles and the ever-conniving mind-games of ‘the Fallen Angel’. Daniels shows how much of talented wrestler he can be here, as he makes his opponents look like gold. And Styles is simply what they say he is, he is phenomenal from bell-to-bell.

There is reason why TNA fans point to this match as one of the company’s best examples of their alternative style. It shows off the passion and unrelenting work their wrestlers put on for their die-hard fans in an unfiltered fantastic match.

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