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Pro-Worker Rally Tuesday

Tuesday, January 28, State AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder will be holding a press conference on defeating HB 1507, a "Right To Work" bill. A recent post on the State AFL-CIO website reminds people of the role that the pro-corporate Commonwealth Foundation played in this legislation. I will be at this event and file a report. The bill itself has referred to the State Government Committed, but no further consideration has been made. Accoring to a report on the Rick Smith Show, the bill may not, as of now, have the Republican votes to pass.

Tuesday also will have President Obama making his annual State of The Union Address. As the President has been focusing on economic inequality, it will be interesting to see what emphasis he puts on this in the annual address.

Finally, on Friday, Pope Francis announced the selection of Ronald W. Gainer, the former Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, to be the new Bishop of Harrisburg. According to WHTM News, Gainer will make social justice a focus, but also plans to make Catholic Schools part of his agenda. He will be installed as Bishop on March 19.

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