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Pro-which life?

Pro life?
Pro life?
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She’s 16 years old and she’s pregnant, her mother is an alcoholic, her father left them years ago.

She approaches the abortion clinic alone, she doesn’t dare tell anyone, not even her best friend. She is accosted outside the clinic by people telling her that she is a murderer, there are others who ask if they can pray for her baby, and some tell her that God will help her. She wonders what God would do?

She thinks that God must be like these people, they talk about him, so this is probably what God thinks of her. He must only care about the baby inside of her; he doesn’t care anything about her and what she is feeling. Just like these people out here, who couldn’t care less that when she leaves here today she will go home and find her mother passed out drunk. That there won’t be any food in the house, that her mother’s boyfriend might try to touch her again.

She’s heard the TV preacher condemn women for accepting welfare benefits, so she knows that God must hate her mother too, because that’s how her mother has supported her for 16 years. She doesn’t want to go on welfare; she doesn’t want to be labeled a welfare mother. She would rather just not have the baby at all, it would be so much easier, just an hour with the Dr., and it’s over.

She wonders why God is so concerned about her baby, but he couldn’t care less about her. If he did she wouldn’t have to live the way she does.

She walks past the people and she wonders; why won't they help me? Why doesn't anybody care about me? What is so special about this baby who they can’t even see? I'm standing right here, but they don’t care about me. And, why do they have such a horrible sign? Pointing a gun at a pregnant woman's belly?

One woman says; we can give you everything you need for the baby, diapers, food, clothes. Why don't they come to my house and bring food? I haven’t had new clothes or shoes for two years.

If they came and stood in front of my house like they are standing here, would my mother's boyfriend stop touching me?

It's pretty in here; I love that vanity I wish I had a vanity like that, I wish I had my own bedroom.

I didn't know this bed had wheels on it, wow this room is cold, and why don't they just let me have another blanket? I'm freezing.

Oh I feel tired, but it feels good, count backwards; 10,9,8...

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