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Pro Tour Qualifier Khans of Tarkir playmat art found

The best offense may be a good defense, but that many shields is overkill.
The best offense may be a good defense, but that many shields is

This year, we'll be going to another new plane in the block that starts in the fall with Khans of Tarkir. But we know little about Tarkir itself, and most of the information about the world is in the form of artwork. One of the newest art pieces we've seen is the Pro Tour Qualifier Khans of Tarkir top 8 reward playmat, which is frankly gorgeous.

The artwork is of a woman in heavy armor in a charging pose, wielding a spear. The armor is seemingly composed of many smaller, intricately carved shields, and her eyes, armor, and weapon are all suffused with some kind of crackling orange electric energy.

We've actually seen people who look like this in Tarkir artwork before - even Sarkhan appears similarly, with his orange glowing eyes. Quite possibly, this visual cue has to do with a keyword in the set, which may have to do with building up counters over turns and expending them in a single attack, to fit with the "glorious battle" idea of the Mongol Empire-like flavor of this block.

Also of note is the fact that the figure's armor is more Viking-like than it is Mongol-like - Elder Scrolls players will instantaneously recognize it as being similar to Nord armor designs - which suggests a broader cultural influence to the block than just Central Asia.