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Pro Tip: Transfer apps from phone storage to MicroSD card in Windows Phone 8.1!

File management is becoming critical on our mobile devices. We routinely have to manage several different storage buckets between computers, phones and tablets, and the "clouds" floating all around us.

With out ability to save days worth of audio, shoot high quality HD video, and organize documents for an entire corporation from a computer which fits in our pocket, it's crucial to be able to download, move, copy, and delete files where ever we might be, without the need for an additional computer used as an intermediary. This was one area where Windows Phone was lagging severely, as even basic file management often required plugging the phone into a desktop or laptop.

With Windows Phone 8.1. users now have much more control over the data on their devices. We've already covered the new Files App, delivering a Windows RT style file manager on our phone, but one additional way to help clean up on device storage is to move apps from the phones built in memory to a memory card.

In Storage Sense you have the ability to preset where files and apps will live. On phones like the Lumia 1520, inserting a memory card enables you to move music, photos, videos, downloads, and apps to the card instead of eating up phone storage. For apps already installed however, there's a migration tool which will move files over for you. Tapping on the Phone Storage Used slider will open a list of the various items taking up space on your phone. The first list item is "apps + games". Tapping on that item will bring up a list of apps.

From this list of apps, tapping on any individual program will bring up more detailed info on the how much space the app is taking up, the option to uninstall the app, or the ability to move that app to an SD Card. Hitting the option for SD Card will start a file migration, the time to move an app over will be dependent on how large the app is, and how fast the memory card is.

Personally I prefer leaving mission critical files and services on my phone storage, but moving photos, music, videos, and games over to the memory card. To see this tip in action, hit the related video!

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