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Pro-Russian supporters storm Ukrainian navy base

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According to a recent report by CNN, armed pro-Russian supporters stormed and seized control of a Ukrainian naval base in Sevastopol, Crimea. The figures indicate that almost 300 armed pro-Russian supporters took the base, replacing Ukrainian flags with Russian ones according to Marina Kanalyuk, assistant to the commander of Ukraine's naval fleet.

Though some naval officers left willingly, others refused to surrender to the gunmen, and are now held as hostages within the base's walls.

Sergey Gaiduk, the Ukrainian navy chief has been taken away allegedly to be questioned about whether he'd passed on orders from Kiev for Ukrainian soldiers to use their weapons in Crimea. An order that was given for military units to fire in self-defense after one member of the Ukrainian military was killed Tuesday when masked gunmen seized their base in Simferopol.

Ukraine has warned that if the hostages are not released by their explicitly set deadline, that they would be forced to take actions of "technical and technological character," suggesting that Ukraine would cut off utilities to Crimea until the hostages were released.