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Pro-Palestine activists rally in front of White House

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Thousands of pro-Palestinian supporters rallied in front of the White House on Sunday to protest America’s support of Israel and its offensive in Gaza.

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Abbas Hamideh, a Palestinian Right of Return Activist who seemed to be leading the event, chastised Israel for its war crimes and the U.S. for marching in lockstep with the Zionists. Hamideh inspired the crowd with several chants including: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” He also asked supporters to go to his Twitter account @Resistance48 for more information.

Participants waved Palestinian flags and all types of signs denouncing Israel could be found, including a few from an Orthodox Jewish group called Neturei Karta who are against the state of Israel and Zionism. They held signs that read: “State of Israel does not represent world Jewry.”

Others characterized Israel’s invasion of Gaza as a crime against humanity including one that read: “This is not war – It’s Genocide.”

Israel’s 14-day offensive has killed over 500 Palestinians, mostly civilians, while 20 Israelis have been killed, most of them soldiers.

The American Conservative magazine ran a piece on Monday by Daniel Larson that condemned Israel’s aggression. Larson writes: “Civilian deaths reportedly make up the overwhelming majority of Palestinian casualties in Gaza over the last few weeks, and these have resulted from the indiscriminate use of force in a densely populated area.” He adds that, “Israel’s government has responded with tactics that are guaranteed to continue killing many more non-combatants for as long as this operation continues.”