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Pro-life rally at Denver, January 18, 2014

Colorado Right to Life is hosting a March for Life event at the Capitol in downtown Denver, January 18. The rally will be at the west steps of the state Capitol at 1PM. The event will occur after the noon mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

A nation with many right but one/Colorado Right to Life
A nation with many right but one/Colorado Right to Life

The event will also promote the new state amendment up for vote this fall, the Brady Amendment 67. The amendment would define unborn children as persons. Heather Surovik, the mother of the baby (Brady) killed in a drunk driving accident, will be at the event.

Colorado law does not specify unborn children as persons for legal purposes. Accordingly, when injured or killed the law treats them unequally. Such an oversight in the law can be rectified by the amendment process.

This annual rally is an effort for those of various political and social beliefs to unite on the importance of protecting the life and rights of the unborn. Typically, this event is under-reported in the news and generally ignored by pro-abortionist organizations, like Planned Parenthood.