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Pro-gun majority captures North Carolina legislature


  • Kyle Peterson 5 years ago

    "GRNC’s legislative agenda, which will include (among other things) Castle Doctrine, reducing the number of “no concealed carry zones” such as parks and restaurants, and repealing North Carolina’s archaic, Jim Crow-era handgun purchase permit law."

    -And don't forget the "Emergency Powers" law, where the Governor can effectively suspend the Second Amendment state-wide over a flake of snow on top of Mount Mitchell...

    I can't really decide at the moment what "order" our priorities should be, apart from getting THAT law changed/stricken down.

  • Philip DiNardo 5 years ago

    Please keep up the pressure on our newly elected and elected leaders presently in the assembly in January. We want the Castle Doctrine passed without any hitches or any of the new republicans backing away.
    Good riddings to that garbage bag Deborah Ross the Jerk ACLU lying lawyer, she held back our bills long enough, we pray at the next election cycle she is booted out of the assembly building, she has soiled it long enough with the rest of the rats nest. what a corrupt bunch of politicians.
    Also the hand gun emergency powers act regulated by the lying governor also needs to repealed in its entirety.

  • Virginia 5 years ago

    I wonder if Deborah Ross and Holliman started shredding documents yet, that is what good demoncrats do when they are booted out from their long term chair seats. much dirt hidden for a long time.

    If they think the evil thought and do this then they need to be pressed for all documents that they have in their possession for possible violations of NC statutes.

    tony rand was a pro at shredding documents especially with republican constituents petitions, blatantly violating the NC statutes.

  • Profile picture of Paul Valone
    Paul Valone 5 years ago

    All good ideas. With respect to the State of Emergency law, however, I havfe a question: Would you rather we pass a narrowly defined bill to end it? Or would you rather have DC v. Heller lawyer Alan Gura use it to chart the future of the Second Amendment in the Bateman v. Perdue case, on which GRNC is a plaintiff? Think large, not small.


  • Kyle Peterson 5 years ago

    Ahhhh...I hadn't forgotten about the lawsuit, but hadn't considered that we'd end up better off by going forward with it. Carry on!

  • JR Bailey Casper Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Paul,

    Kudos on the big time win in NC: I just can't believe that folks in N.C. would allow such laws to come into existence in the first place, but when I noted that the ACLU had their dirty hands in slop, I can see where the origins of such laws might well exist!

    The next big ticket item, nationally speaking is to oust individuals in the Repub. Hierarchy, ie, McConnell, Kyl, Graham, Snowe, Collins, and other such ilk, which have rolled over to the Social Progressives for too long and have done great harm to our Republic!

    3 Cheers for your organization and if/when I can actually find an insane enough employer to hire this grizzled old cripple, I'll be sending you some of my hard earned cash for a membership.

    I'll never get to NC, but you and your organization deserve support and when I can, I'll give it willingly and happily!

    Again, congratulations and well done!

    JR Bailey

  • Profile picture of Paul Valone
    Paul Valone 5 years ago

    JR: Agreed on all. Thanks for your support.


  • Keith Schulers 5 years ago

    What did Jeff Miller do for the Second Amendment to get four stars?

  • Charlton Heston 5 years ago

    Not being NRA's lap dog should be good for a few...

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