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Pro-choice forces determined to force religious groups to comply on abortion

The determination to erode the law of the land and laws instituted to protect religion is being attacked once again.
The determination to erode the law of the land and laws instituted to protect religion is being attacked once again.

One cannot deny that religious animosity and stubbornness to have their political way are driving pro-choice forces to ram abortion down the throats of any opposition. The outrage of faculty and staff against two California Catholic universities to refuse to provide abortion is merely a rehash of the recent Supreme Court decision that protected Hobby Lobby from being forced to offer abortions.

The lie was spun that reproductive care was under attack by a heavily left leaning media even though Hobby Lobby already offered 16 of the 20 contraceptive measures mandated by the Obama Administration. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other liberal senators flew in such a rage that they nearly succeeded in passing legislation to force religious groups to comply and to also unwind over 200 federal and state laws that favored pro-life. It failed by a handful of votes.

Edicts by Jerry Brown’s office and a letter by the California Department of Managed Health Director Michelle Rouillard, which oversees HMOs, sent a letter stipulating that refusing to pay for “legal abortions” violates the state constitution and a 1975 state law. This pious statement does not make any reference to the Supreme Court decision which protected Hobby Lobby.

The determination to force religious organizations to capitulate is nothing more than selective enforcement, besides our state officials already ignored laws on the books they did not agree with, and now these suppporters of the abortion industry are attempting to run over the morality objections of another religious organization.

The controversy was created when two Jesuit founded universities in California, Santa Clara University and Loyola-Marymount in Los Angeles opted to drop health insurance coverage of elected abortions which violated their tenants of faith.

The federal health care law requires employers to provide health insurance to its workers, however there is no mandate for coverage for abortion, something officials seem to conveniently forget. Abortion forces forget a lot about the United States’ Constitution and rulings of the Supreme Court if these positions conflict with their personal ideology of abortion.

These abortion forces are so infatuated with death that they lose any reason concerning the supreme law of the land and any moral foundation established by religious principles. The expectation of everyone bowing down at the altar of abortion is being demanded.

The Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights is the largest civil rights group in the country. President Bill Donohue declared that Catholic universities “have a right and a duty to uphold the tenants of their faith in everything they do.

Paying for abortions is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church,” remarked Donahue in a statement to San Jose Mercury Reporter Tracy Seipel published Saturday, August 23rd.

Naturally the firestorm of protests against religious groups refusing to participate in the destroying of life in the womb are being fueled by diatribe that claims religious organizations are “refusing contraceptive care” and it is a “war on women’s rights”. Not participating in the destruction of human life is not about contraceptive care or the pedaled war on women.

Ultimately when the decision was made recently by the US Supreme Court on precisely the same issue, the high court ruled on two issues; forcing Hobby Lobby to comply in offering abortion inducing drugs violated the 1993 Freedom of Religion Restoration Act and violated the Amendment One of the United States Constitution.

It is abundantly clear that California’s abortion determined officials want to revisit the same issue again with the Catholic organization and the dogmatic political position on abortion of the liberals. “Legal abortion” is an oxymoron if speaking with a religious organization as the Catholics who do not subscribe to a liberal view of abortion. Everyone is not a card carrying member or advocate of Planned Parenthood.

Catholics, as other religious organizations, are guided by a higher authority.

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