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Pro boxer Ali Tareh fights for the title in Tampa Bay at Double Tree Hotel

Ringside Action by Alessi Promotions - April 11, 2014
by Alessi Promotions

Tampa, FL - April 11, 2014. Tonight, Ali "The Panther" Tareh will compete in a boxing match for the Junior Middle Weight Intercontinental Title the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton located in downtown Tampa. Ali Tareh is well known in Tampa Bay area as a professional boxer, as a martial arts instructor at his own school and as a MMA and Muay Thai amateur fight promoter. His promotional events have earned him a place in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Muay Thai and MMA Promoter of the Year. He was inducted in 2013 at the annual award ceremony of the WHFSC. Ali Tareh was able to sit down in an exclusive interview and share details about his training, his family and his ambitions.

Ali, you have two very successful businesses, the Fight Fitness Center (St. Petersburg) your martial arts school and your fight promotions, Pahlavan Promotions. Yet, you still continue to pursue your professional boxing career. Why do you continue to compete?

The love of sport. Opening a gym was never a business's plan nor was promoting fights. I always was training to fight and then a few friends and neighbors asked me to help them to lose weight and then few friends ask me to train them to fight. Before long, I had 17 students I was training in a park in front of my house. They forced me to open a gym, I did it for them.

Later, when then I was taking my fighters to different local events to fight where I saw many events were unorganized. I started promoting to protect my fighters.

And now, being at the gym and training my students and fighters six days a week... I see... that I'm in great shape. I understand that age is just a number. I believe I still can get the world title, everyone's dream, then I can retire happily.

Speaking of dreams, if you could have one dream fight against anyone, who would it be?

I Never dreamed of fighting a certain fighter. I always dreamed of being on big stages and fighting 10 or 12 rounds with very talented and skilled fighters but I never thought about a specific fighter.

What does earning the Junior Middle Weight Intercontinental Title mean to you and what would winning the title signify?

This title is just another step up, and is getting me closer to my ultimate goal. I've been waiting for this title fight for 14 years, since I started boxing. I have achieved lots of trophies, medals, belts in other sports, but, I cannot and won't give up till I get few titles in boxing. It's a dream to have a big 12 round fight and hopefully the world title.

Why are you so driven?

Some of it is not a choice, I've been running after something all my life, always, chasing a goal from childhood and competing with someone or some people, to get it.

The other part of it is that, I love the life I live. I enjoy of it every moment of my life. Why not more? I believe if you put enough time and energy in anything and everything you do, you will definitely enjoy of the outcome , I don't get enough satisfaction from my work, family life, loving my wife and kids if I don't put enough time and energy in. I live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Why not more? I'm just greedy person I guess.

There is one more reason I am always striving. I constantly remember the friends I had back home, so many were talented fighters. They were good, trained hard and had the same ideas and goals I had. I have got to come to this country and show my talent but they can't. Knowing that I can't throw this opportunity in garbage. I'm here in the land of opportunity and this country gave me a chance to gain everything I hoped and dreamed for... so... no excuse. I do whatever it takes to make it.

How long do you plan on continuing to fight?

As long as I can prepare for the fight, and as long as my wife encourages me. We have two great kids and my wife is doing everything on her own, so if at some point, she feels she can't continue anymore, I respect that.

What did you do to prepare for the fight?

I trained 3 times a day (running, strength and boxing training). I lost 20 pounds in the last six months, starting right after I got the word that I was approved to fight for this title. Even now at age of 41 years old, I train harder and longer than all my 20 year old fighters.

What do you hope your students gain from watching you compete?

Dedication and believing in power of the mind.

Ali Tareh, at 41 years old, and despite his professional accomplishments he still finds the ability to balance his personal life, two businesses and still strive for more as he competes tonight for the Junior Middle Weight Intercontinental title.

The fight is scheduled to be held during the Ringside Action - Tampa Style event presented by Alessi Promotions at the Double Tree Hotel in Tampa at 4500 Cypress Street. For tickets and more information please contact the box office at 813-348-0128

Ringside Action Tampa Style presented by Alessi Promotions
April 11th, 2014 - Doors Open at 6:00 PM
Double Tree Hotel - 4500 Cypress Street Tampa, FL 33607
Box office: 813-348-0128
Event Tickets:
General Admission $25.00
Reserved Seating $40.00 -50.00
Ringside Tables $75.00

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