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Pro angler tested – Typhoon sunglasses

This Florida angler used Typhoon Tropic Storm sunglasses with Copper Rose Lens to help catch this redfish.
This Florida angler used Typhoon Tropic Storm sunglasses with Copper Rose Lens to help catch this redfish.
Ron Presley

Nobody expects more out of sunglasses than professional anglers. They want them to feel comfortable while they fish all day and they want them to look good at the weigh in. More importantly, they want them to perform. So it just makes sense, that if a pair of sunglasses are good enough for a pro they are good enough for recreational anglers too.

Typhoon AquaView Polarized sunglasses are just such a pair of pro angler tested sunglasses. Tim Malone is a tournament angler from Gatlinburg TN that has put Typhoons to the test. “As a professional tournament angler who spends countless hours on the water I have specific expectations from a pair of sunglasses. Typhoon optics exceeds those expectations.

The frames are lightweight polycarbonate material with hypoallergenic rubber temple grips and nose bridge for maximum comfort. “Comfort is a very important feature when you are going to be on the water all day,” says Malone. “The combination of Typhoon’s light weight frames and high quality polycarbonate lenses help eliminate eye fatigue and those pressure points that cause headaches. Typhoons are the most comfortable sunglasses I have ever worn.”

The AquaView lens is made from injected polycarbonate – the highest quality polycarbonate lens available. The technology provides a surface that is water repellent, smudge proof, antistatic and scratch resistance. All those benefits are great, but performance on the water comes from the polarization. It is all about blocking glare, and Typhoon's polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of reflected glare while providing UV 400 protection for the eyes.

Malone says, “Typhoon's polarized lenses, by eliminating glare from the surface of the water, allow me to not only see fish, but also see under water structure. Having the ability to see stumps or rocks can turn into a few more fish in the livewell by the end of the day.” In any kind of fishing, that’s what it is all about.

Typhoon lenses come in 5 color selections to give the angler the color they like best in their fishing application. The copper rose, for example, is good when variable light conditions are expected. They give an enhanced color contrast with good detail definition for sightfishing. Meridian blue lenses are more likely to be chosen by offshore anglers wanting high visual definition in intense sunlight. A complete description of the other lenses and their characteristics can be found by Clicking Here.

Typhoon sunglasses are obviously a great choice for all outdoor activities but for the tournament angler, points out Malone, there is an added feature. Typhoon has developed the Wear It To Win It contingency program that might put some more money in your pocket. “Simply put,” says Malone, “purchase a pair of Typhoon glasses, register online at and get paid for finishing in the top three at your next Typhoon sanctioned tournament.”

“When asked what sunglasses I recommend I don’t hesitate,” says Malone. “Comfort, performance, a lifetime warranty, great price point and the Wear It To Win It contingency program for the tournament angler make Typhoon Optics hard to beat.”

Typhoon’s website can be viewed at

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