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Prize Patrol's version of the wet t-shirt contest

Danielle Lam didn't don a t-shirt when she was doused with a bucket of ice cold water twice in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for charity, but the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol member still hopes that her effort will generate an additional $5,000 for the cause.

On Aug. 18 the only female PCH Prize Patrol member told her Facebook fans that when her video post reaches 5,000 shares "PCH will donate $5,000 to the ALS Association."

The dark-haired beauty also stated that in addition to getting hit with two buckets of ice cold water she was willing to throw a couple of other names into the hat, so those folks can get wet for a great cause too. She nominated fellow patrol member Todd Sloane as well as "Let's Make a Deal" model Tiffany.

Sloane took the challenge, and before he succumbed to his fate, he nominated PCH's Executive Vice President Deborah Holland and Sloane's and Lam's fellow PCH Prize Patrol team member, Dave Sayer.

Lam showed up to watch Sloane get wet, but to also be the one to pour the bucket of water over his head. Watch him gasp from the very cold experience.

Deborah Holland said she will accept the challenge by donating $100 to the worthy cause that helps fight Lou Gehrig's Disease, but if anyone is going to dump ice cold water over her head she will need more of an outcry. Here's her list of demands: at least 400 "likes" on her Facebook post, as well as 13 people volunteering to be nominated by her for the same experience.

So far no word from Dave Sayer, the eldest member of the team, regarding whether he will take off his uber conservative public persona and deign to allow someone to slick down his hair like Todd Sloane did. If he does, it could be an attention-getter for all the PCH fans, as this man is an icon who has a reputation for always looking dignified and distinguished when he shows up with those prize checks in America.

And speaking of prize checks, the famed threesome is slated to announce the winner of the $5,000 a week for life prize a week from today, when they will deliver the news in person to the recipient. But that is only if the winning entry was returned, of course. And based on the last three such prizes, the winner was not found, leading the company to have to choose a second-place winner instead, who was given a million dollar prize.

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