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Privileges associated with Cloud-based Telephone System

Cloud-based phones for seamless communication
Cloud-based phones for seamless communication

There are certain types of infrastructure, appliances, and technologies which every business and household has been using since years. These long used gadgets and technical applications form an irreplaceable part of each and everyone’s life. These infrastructure and technologies have gained so much importance in our life over each passing year that we would hardly question out the benefits which they yield. Devices such as photocopiers and printers have been used in the offices since so many years and thus, have become an integral element for the successful running of any business. Moreover, it is almost next to impossible to run any business without these devices.

It is a moral decision of every business to question out the pros and cons of any technology or device they use. If they do not do so, it might prove to be futile for them in due course of future. Nowadays, new technologies in communication sector are on the peak. These include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Cloud-based telephone systems. In general, businesses are still apprehensive about the use of these modes of communication. Cloud-based VoIP system can prove very advantageous for the businesses. It is very essential for the enterprises to dig well and gain sufficient knowledge about the benefits that a Cloud-based telephone system can yield.

Generally, those who are into business might be aware of Cloud Hosting and the related systems and how they are used in the business. But when a Cloud-based phone system is the talk of the town, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge about the specifics, as communication is the lifeline of any business. Let us have a look at various privileges associated with Cloud-based telephone system:

1. Let’s you save Huge Bucks

One of the most important and alluring benefits of Cloud-based telephone system is that it lets you save a lot of money that is unnecessarily spent on communications via the traditional telephony. Unlike PSTNs, long-distance calls made via Cloud-based phone systems are quite cheap. This is possible only because the voice traffic is not managed on the conventional commercial communications line but is managed over the Internet or privately administered data network lines. With these new phones, you need to rent a space on the Cloud system. As compared to the traditional telephony, this rented space is much cheaper and thus reduces the monthly bills by manifold.

Besides this, Cloud-based phones reduce the expenses encountered in the maintenance of equipment and lines. With these phones, manpower is also cut down, thereby bringing down the expenditure. With these phones, voice and data is integrated into a single network. This eradicates the need for separate transmission lines necessary for the delivery of voice and data packets. With Cloud-based phone systems, administrators have to monitor a single system only, thus reducing their burden and the cost of operation.

2. Sophisticated Media Services

Traditional telephony only offers voice and fax service and sometimes video service, though with some terms and conditions. However, the demand of users is increasing day by day. They want enriched media services and it is only possible if communication is made via the Internet. With Cloud-based telephone system, making voice and video calls, transferring heavy media files, sharing of games and images, and other multimedia services has become very easy. With these newly evolved phones, numerous options of media are available to the users. These phones have paved a versatile way for Unified Communications.

3. Scalability

With VoIP or Cloud-based phone systems, it is very easy and economical to manage the scalability of your enterprise’s ever-increasing communication demands. If your business is expanding and you want to enlarge your communication setup, these new phone systems will allow you to save a large amount. According to Gadget Magazine, with this technology, you can upgrade and reinforce your existing infrastructure on an extension-by-extension basis. In this way, you can simply add up extensions as your business grows instead of substituting your entire existing infrastructure. Scalability is one of the biggest profits of these phones as it allows you to pay only for what you use.

4. Mobility

No matter where you are, with Cloud-based phones, your clients and employees will be able to contact you. These phones are very suitable for the companies whose employees are generally on the move or for the companies which have several branches located in different parts of the world. All that is required with these phones is a good Internet connection.

5. Increased Productivity

Cloud-based phone systems allows multi-tasking, thereby increasing the productivity of an enterprise. Not only this, with these phones businesses can save money that was unnecessarily spent on the phone bills and use it in other facets of the business. Through these phones, offices can held virtual meetings, share various documents, discuss important matters related to the business via video conferencing, and more. All this helps in increasing the productivity of a company.

6. Wide range of Choices and Preferences

Cloud-based telephone systems offer a lot of choices. With these phone systems you no longer remain confined to a particular choice. It is important for you to have a quick-look at all the available options before you choose your package.

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