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Private school teacher cites “White Privilege” as reason for Common core in NH

Last night at St. Anselm’s College in Manchester, opponents and proponents of Common Core got together to debate for the first time. It was a panel made up of 6 people, 3 proponents of Common Core and 3 opponents of it. The proponents didn’t have any new answers. They used the same propaganda and lies that all Common Core proponents use: it was tested; teachers helped write it; it was put up against international standards, to name a few. These are lies that are continually told.

Dr. Pook believes Common Core is necessary to fight "White Privilege"
Photo by The Derryfield School

The opponents brought up facts about Common Core that are well-known by now: kids aren’t developmentally ready at certain ages; the math is sub-standard for any type of advancement in science and math; it does not promote college readiness unless to a 2-year college. Probably the most disturbing part about the debate was the closing arguments at the end. A teacher at a private school, Dr. Pook, actually argued that Common Core was necessary due to his “White Privilege”.

Pook claims he helped write the standards. What he really means is he probably commented on the standards when they were finally made available. If he did write anything, that is yet another reason to end Common Core immediately. Pook’s outrageous statement: “As a white male in society I’m given a lot of privilege I didn’t earn’ and as a result I think it’s really important that all kids get an equal opportunity to learn how to read.” Is he saying that minority children don’t learn how to read the same as white children? How is it that white children have a perceived “privilege” over minority children?

The irony? This guy teaches at a $30,000 a year private school that has not implemented Common Core. Maybe he should check his “privilege” at the door. While he’s teaching history, not reading at his private school, he wants public school kids to have to suffer under lower standards. Why? Because this man believes that minority kids aren’t as smart as white kids so the standards have to be lowered in order for them to be able to read. The guy is demented and is part of the insane “White Privilege” far left who hate themselves and are teaching white children to hate themselves.

It’s scary to think The Derryfield School (the private school he teaches at in New Hampshire) would have this type of teacher. God only knows how much hatred he is teaching in his history classes. Odds are he’s teaching a far leftwing version of history rather than accurate history. Parents ought to check what their kids are learning. Meanwhile, this is the type of person who is a proponent of Common Core for “the masses”.

With proponents like Pook; Bill Duncan (never taught children in his life) and Tony Raffio (another who was never an educator) it’s no wonder Common Core is failing. Pook hates himself and the other two clearly aren’t fans of kids. If this debate showed New Hampshire parents anything, it showed them why they need to double-down and fight harder against Common Core. Their children deserve better. New Hampshire deserves better.

NOTE: You can listen to the entire debate here from GirardatLarge. Dr. Pook's outrageous "white privilege" comment is on hour 2 around 57:00

UPDATE: Pook claimed he wasn't "getting paid" to be at the debate; however, it seems he is indeed getting paid by the Common Core pushers like Achieve and others.

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