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Private property hunting and permission

Hunting GPS Maps and IOS
Hunting GPS Maps and IOS
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One of the biggest complaints of landowners is hunters committing trespass on their property.

Most states require some form of written permission to be on the hunter while hunting on private property, this does not have to be elaborate, something as simple as the attached form is sufficient for most states. Some state such as Michigan require a simple log into a book prior to the days hunt, other like California require the form, so it is imperative that you find out what the requirements are and comply.

So, how do you know what is and is not private land particularly in the West where many areas have no fences? Well to start a fence is a good clue that it is probably private on the other side, however there are vast areas where fences have been removed, or just decayed to the point they are no longer visible.

One clue in a state like California for example, the land owner is required to post the property every 1/3 of a mile if they do not want to allow access to hunters, campers or fishermen. Many other states have similar requirements. The problem with this requirement is that it is very easy to pass from public to private property between signs that are 1/3 of a mile apart, so beware.

Some large conglomerates such as Sierra Pacific Industries or Rosedahl, who own vast tracts of land often allow hunting, but also happen to have some fences, and more often gates disallowing vehicular access, but allow pedestrian access. More often than not these days, particularly in the West due to the fire hazard, they do not allow campfires or camping.

An important point to remember is that if you are lucky enough to obtain permission, it is imperative that you leave gates as you found them, meaning if it was open, leave it open, if it is closed, close it behind you, the farmer/rancher has it set they way they want it to keep livestock in or out of the area.

Another complaint is the trash that some hunters leave behind, so be sure to clean up any mess that you create.

One good solution is to obtain Platt maps and use a GPS to determine where boundaries are, such that you do not commit trespass. An even better solution is to purchase the plat maps for your GPS from here

Hunt by onXmaps also have apps for Android and iphones as well as ipads for $34.99

These GPS maps are available for the following states:

HUNT Premium for Garmin
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Alabama (1)
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