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'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' star Sarah Davidson talks about her career

Sarah Davidson
Justin Stephens

Fans of reality television got a dose of something new if they watched TNT's “Private Live of Nashville Wives” on Monday night. The show follows six prominent women in the Nashville area and fans will get an inside look into their lives. Sarah Davidson is an aspiring country artist who is married to Dallas Davidson. On Feb. 27 Sarah Davidson granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. Davidson talked about her music career and “Private Lives of Nashville Wives.”

Fans got a chance to see Sarah Davidson perform on the Hard Rock stage during CMA Fest on the series premiere of “Private Lives of Nashville Wives.” When asked about who she is influenced by in the business, Davidson replied; “I find inspiration for my music through other musicians but even more so thru my own life experiences, love, and loss. Throughout the season you will see me draw inspiration from the pain in my personal hardships and see me move on to a more positive place of inspiration.”

Dallas Davidson is a huge persona in the country music business. He has written several number one songs for various country artists, which means Sarah Davidson gets to accompany her husband to big award shows. When asked about whether or not she gets star-struck when attending these events, Davidson said; “I generally don't get star struck when I meet a famous musician. I think it's really fun and inspiring to be around like minded people that love to write and perform music and I realize that even the biggest stars are still human. However, I may get a little giddy around Faith Hill!”

Of course fans want to know where they can get Sarah Davidson's music after seeing her perform on the show. When asked about where her music is available for purchase, Davidson happily responded; “Fans can buy my single "Drink You Up" on iTunes and can pre-order my debut EP both at iTunes and with the "Bright Lights, Big City" Private Lives title as bonus track at Walmart.”

Even though “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” has just premiered, fans already have favorites picked out and fan bases are developing. When Sarah Davidson was asked about what impression she hopes fans will get from her on the show, she replied; “I hope that they get a closer look into my life as the wife of a musician and and as an independent artist and how I pour all of my energy and inspiration into writing and performing music. I'm just a small town girl who married the music and is chasing that neon rainbow.”

All new episodes of “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” air on TNT Monday nights at 9 p.m. CST. If you missed the series premiere it is available online at the TNT website or with Xfinity on demand.

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