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'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' star Cassie Chapman chats about life

Cassie Chapman, star of "Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Cassie Chapman, star of "Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Justin Stephens

TNT's new hit “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” has gained quite a following since the premiere aired. The show centers around six prominent women who live in Nashville. Cassie Chapman is married to Gary Chapman who is a famed Christian singer/songwriter. The couple is often criticized for their age difference, but they don't let it get to them. On March 3, Cassie Chapman granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. Chapman talked about the criticism and how religion plays an important role in her life.

Cassie Chapman was once a “Hooters Girl.” Her husband, Gary Chapman is older than she is, and often there are comments made about that. When asked which she believes she is more judged for, Chapman honestly answered; “Luckily, I learned about evil early on in my relationship with Gary. I learned that every second I waste on evil (the people who judge me harshly), is a second of joy I’m missing out on. All I want is to make people happy. I want to help people feel good about themselves. I want to mentor others, since I have been through so much in my short life; however, I’m labeled the 'Hooters Girl' or the 'much younger wife.' People are so busy worrying about what everyone else is doing that they forget how to be a good person themselves. I do not care one bit about what others think of me. The only One I answer to is God and God alone. Furthermore, who cares if I was a 'Hooters Girl'? I was working, paying taxes, paying my bills, contributing to charity and somehow being a 'Hooters Girl' was bad? Like I said in episode one, 'Hooters was my favorite job ever!' I met the most incredible friends there, all walks of life. Friends who are still very near and dear to my heart. One of them happens to be the man I married.”

During the taping of “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives,” Cassie and Gary Chapman adopted a little baby girl. When asked how the show changed their lives and whether or not it was for the better, Chapman said; “I’m not going to lie and say that filming and having a newborn was a breeze, because it was not. Sleep deprivation set in on many occasions and I knew I wasn’t on my 'A game'. My family would be the first to tell you that patience is not my virtue. Throughout filming, I grew in so many ways. One of those ways was learning patience. So, I would have to say that filming the show was for the better. My husband would concur ha, ha!”

When you are on a reality show, there are so many people who will have opinions about you. Some will be good and others will be bad, sometimes really bad. When Cassie Chapman was asked about a misconception people may have about her, she replied; “The list of misconceptions could go on and on! I will go for the low hanging fruit and go for the 'Gold Digger' title. What most people don’t know is that when I met Gary he was in the middle of bankruptcy from a real estate debacle. So, it is laughable when people assume I married him for all his money, he didn’t have any! I know, I know it’s really weird that I married him because I loved him ha, ha!”

“The Private Live of Nashville Wives” can be seen on TNT Monday nights at 9 p.m. CST. If you have missed the series premiere you can watch it online or on demand with Comcast.

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