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'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' star Betty Malo talks about twin life

Betty Malo
Betty Malo
Justin Stephens

TNT debuted “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” earlier this week and the show was welcomed by enthusiastic reality fans. The cameras follow around six prominent women in Nashville. Betty Malo is married to Raul Malo, and is also a twin. On Feb. 27, Betty Malo granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. Malo talks about what it is like to work with her sister on “Private Lives of Nashville Wives.”

During the series premiere fans got to see a lot of Betty Malo and Ana Fernandez. The two sisters bickered back and forth when trying to figure out what to do about the pig and when they were decorating for the party. When Malo was asked whether or not she always bickers with Fernandez, she replied; “People perceive Ana and I to bicker constantly. It's just the way we communicate. Whoever cried the loudest got fed first.”

When you work with a sibling sometimes it can be too much to handle. Malo was asked about how she felt working with Fernandez and she responded by saying; “Yes, because I have to give in being the younger twin.”

It was easy to tell that Betty and Ana could be a little wild and crazy if given the chance. When Malo was asked whether or not she was the good twin or evil twin, she said; “I like to think a little bit of both. Sometimes I'm Betty good, but sometimes I'm Betty Betty Badd.”

Sometimes as fans watch the show they develop an idea of what they think the actors are like. It could be right or wrong, but there is always an opinion. When Betty Malo was asked about what kind of vibe she thought fans would get from watching “Private Lives of Nashville Wives,” she replied; “I am real. I can do anything a man can do and my family comes first. What you see is what you get.”

Betty Malo and her sister, Ana Fernandez made quite an impression on the series premiere and fans are looking forward to more antics as the season progresses. All new episodes of “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” air on TNT Monday nights at 9 p.m. CST. If you missed the series premiere it is available online at the TNT website or with Xfinity on demand.

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