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'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' Jenny Terrell chats about being a working mom

Jenny Terrell from "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Jenny Terrell from "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Justin Stephens

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” have fans waiting on the edge of their seats for Monday nights. This show follows six prominent Nashville women. Jenny Terrell is married to JT Terrell, a Nashville party promoter. Terrell is also a very hard working mom and holds a high position with Living Social. On March 3, Jenny Terrell granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. Terrell talked about what it is like to be a working mom, and balancing motherhood and filming.

"The Private Lives of Nashville Wives" shows Jenny Terrell balancing work and being a mom to her son. It is a reality many women face. When asked if it was hard to balance work and motherhood, Terrell honestly said; “The answer is yes, I would hope any conscientious parent wants to do everything they can to be the best, most present parent they can be, and hopefully they labor over career decisions that could potentially compromise that, the same as I do. But, I do find it interesting in all of the interviews I’ve read about Bill Gates, or Donald Trump, or any other working man, it seems they never get asked that question. Why is that?”

Sometimes life and filming don't always mesh well together for families when doing reality television. When asked how filming affected both her work life and home life, Jenny Terrell responded; “Thanks to the terrific production company and TNT, I was able to keep my filming to specific after-work hours and on the weekends to ensure there was no interference. That’s why you won't see Jenny 'working' very often on the show (that part wasn’t reality, haha!). It certainly was a busy summer that required many iced coffees! As far as my family being impacted, you will see that they were with me much of the time, which was great, although I do joke that there was a two-month period where all of my time with my son was chronicled in HD, because when I wasn't on the road for work, I was home and the cameras were rolling!”

Fans will always have a favorite on the show. Jenny Terrell is definitely one of the women fans will be able to relate to on several levels. When asked what she thought fans would be able to take away from the show, Terrell replied; “I think viewers watch these shows for lots of different reasons, and hopefully we’ve got something that speaks to all of them. From what I’ve seen so far, it is a realistic look at Nashville and the behind-the scenes of the music business, which is intriguing for many people. Also, the families and the women represented are all so very different, the woman that resonates with my mother the most, is very different from the one my sister will identify with. From my piece in all this, I hope there are women that can identify with the challenges I face trying to keep it all together, making my husband and my son my top priority while still keeping my career at the forefront. You throw in some interpersonal relationships with a bunch of women who are very different than me and you’ll see that it’s not easy, and I don’t always do it well.”

Fans can see more of Jenny Terrell on “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” Monday nights a 9 p.m. CST on TNT. If you missed the premiere episode you can catch it online or on demand with Comcast.

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