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'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' Ana Fernandez talks twin life and filming

Ana Fernandez of "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Justin Stephens

With just two episodes aired, “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” has quite a buzzing stirring across social media. The TNT show follows six prominent Nashville women, chronicling everything in their lives from an adoption to a budding music career. Ana Fernandez is the only unmarried woman on the show. Fernandez is the twin sister of Betty Malo and the two are popular among fans. On March 4, Ana Fernandez granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. Fernandez discussed life as a twin and the show.

The series premiere of “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” featured a lot of Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo. When asked what her favorite part of the premiere was, Fernandez happily responded; “My favorite moment from the season premiere is obviously the pig roast where we were celebrating not only the CMAs, but the Maverick's long-awaited reunion. Betty and I first started going to their shows in Miami while we were still in high school, so for us, it was great to see them back together again performing as the house band at the CMAs. I also like sharing Cuban culture with Nashvillians! Cubans are known as passionate people with family-first values, excellent food, love of music,zest for life, and spicy personalities i.e. Ricky Ricardo.”

During the premiere several of the fans watching commented about how much fun Ana and Betty were having together. When asked whether or not her and Betty always have that much fun together, Fernandez replied; “Betty and I are either having fun or fighting, there is no in-between with us. The good news is, our fights don't last very long because of that invisible tie that binds us together. We have two older sisters that we never fight with, but for some reason Betty and I tend to have this wonderfully explosive relationship full of love and passion. Sometimes it works for us, sometimes it works against us. When it comes to identical twins, personalities are split, for example, Betty's very girly, I'm a tom-boy, Betty's kind of shy, I'm extremely outgoing, Betty always wants to be right and I always want to be right! Throwing a party together probably isn't a good idea, until the fun starts!”

Sometimes when filming a show like “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” things in life change. When asked whether or not the show has altered her life, Ana Fernandez said; “As of right now I can't really say that the show has changed my life. I am who I am, a confident, strong, extroverted, passionate, fiery Latina. Some people may love it, some people may hate it. That's how it's always been and I knew this going into filming.”

When you have a twin sister, people always ask who is the “good twin” and who is the “evil twin”? Ana Fernandez seems to be the more fun twin, especially since fans have had a chance to view two episodes of the show. When presented with this questions, Fernandez responded; “I think fans will initially think I'm the bad twin and Betty's the good twin. It's been like that our entire lives. By the time the show ends I hope fans will come to learn that, like themselves, we have many sides to our personalities. Fans should watch the rest of the show to see more of our similarities and differences. There's never a dull moment when we're together, we're a force of nature.”

Fans can catch more of Ana Fernandez's crazy, fun antics on “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” Monday nights at 9 p.m. CST on TNT. If you have missed any of the episodes they are available online or on demand through Comcast.

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