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Private banking...right this way!

Right this way Mr. Fat Cat.
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Have you noticed how many Bay Area banks are pushing private banking for high net worth individuals? Clearly, there are some very wealthy folks in the Bay Area and the rich need a place to bank, just like the rest of us. Competition among the big banks for the well-healed is intense. The theory suggests that if you have a lot of money you are very special and in rarefied air. The big banks, specializing in private banking, will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve and, by the way, the bank will earn a lot of revenue from all the products they sell you. Stroke your ego, take your cash. Conversely, if you don’t have a lot of money, you are not special and in fact, you’re not profitable for the bank, so not only are you not wanted, you are not needed. “Go stand over there, in that line and we will get to you when it’s your turn.”
Community banks don’t troll for the wealthy, they are equal opportunity providers. Bay Area community banks are community resources established for the benefit of the neighborhoods in which they reside. They are usually started and owned by local investors. They create jobs by employing local people, provide a safe and secure depository for their customer’s money and loans are made to local creditworthy people and businesses. Local profits are recycled into the local economy, not shipped off to New York, enhancing the quality of life for many. Numerous people who work for community banks are involved in local civic and non-profit organizations. The best part, each customer is treated as the most important customer, regardless of whether they have a net worth in the millions or a savings account with $25.00. When any organization discriminates between the haves and the have not’s, the message is clear, you are only valuable if you are one of the have’s, otherwise don’t bother us. Community banks understand that each and every customer is important, for without each person's business, the bank wouldn’t be in business. So whether you have $25 million or a $25 savings account, take a look at your local community bank, you will be surprised at how well you are treated.

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