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Prius V arrives. Blue energy anyone?

Toyota Prius v
Toyota Prius v
Toyota Motor Co.

Today Toyota revealed the next evolution in its Prius family, one of them being the pumped up Prius v which squares off its rear hatch to offer more cargo space.

Be sure to examine the Prius v slideshow and Prius v video to the left of this article.

Before you get excited, the 'V' in Prius v does not stand for visitors, but versatility. Therefore, this car does not run on blue energy or secretly intend to take over the world. Instead the Prius v uses the same Hybrid Synergy Drive system as the Prius sitting in Ed Begley Jr's garage. What you have, in essence, is Prius with about 60 percent more cargo space but with worse fuel economy (estimated 42 city, 38 highway, and 40 combined),

Other notable items in the Prius v include one of the first applications of Toyota's Entune, its SYNC fighting multi-media system, and a available lightweight resin moon roof with retractable sunshades. Resin moon roof, hmm, why don't we ask some other car owners how that has worked out for them?

Look for the Prius v to arrive this summer. Now for the most important link of the day (for Oregon Ducks fans).

Source: Toyota


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