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Prisoner exchange at the border

What do we do about illegal immigration?  How about a 1 for 1 exchange?
What do we do about illegal immigration? How about a 1 for 1 exchange?
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

People are still trying to get into this country. Some are traveling a very long ways and enduring significant hardship to get here. For all of the complaining we do about how bad things are, people are making some incredible journeys to get to the United States.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is still a beacon of hope to the world.

So how do we contend with those who want to come into this country to work and experience the American Dream while keeping the terrorists out?

There’s the question of the last three decades. Our answers as a nation have been impotent at best.

Here is my immigration reform program: Prisoner exchange.

For every person who wants to come into this country to work and better himself or herself we will send one American to their country of origin.

Where will we get the list of the people from America to be exchanged?

Not to worry, I have already started one. Every week I meet with people who tell me how terrible life is here. Nobody will pay their bills for them. Their government check isn’t enough. I insult them when I tell them that they can get a job.

Yes, I already have a running list of people who don’t seem to like it here. I will gladly exchange them for people who think that living in this nation is a blessing.

Citizenship papers can be exchanged at the border. All aboard! I am taking a load of disgruntled Americans south.

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