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Prison life to be discussed at online presentation

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This writer will be a guest on the Facebook group "True Crime Discussions." The presentation will be held Monday June 9, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CST). The topic is "Behind Bars: Working in a Prison."

The Facebook group will be discussing the daily work and duties of correctional officers and staff, inmate culture, the media and prison depiction, and taking questions and answers from those online.

In addition a discount will be offered on the true crime book, "The Devil You Know" about a young boy who was murdered by a trusted family member. No one suspected this killer -- not even the officers when he confessed. The killer is currently incarcerated but will be released soon.

At almost 600 members, the Facebook group "True Crime Discussions" is a place for all true crime readers to come together and discuss crimes and the people who committed them, as well as the books written about the cases. It is a group that respects the victims, and does not make "heroes" out of the perpetrators.

This writer has been employed as a correctional officer and trainer in both the federal prison system and the Sheriff's office, as well as some work within the state system. I am a past member of Tennessee Correctional Association and the American Criminal Justice Association. I am currently a member of the Indiana Chapter of the International Association for Identification.

You must be a member of the Facebook group "True Crime Discussions" to take part in Monday's discussion. Click HERE to join. For more on the presenter, click HERE.