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Prison for starving girl: Dad gets 5 years for starving daughter

Prison for a starving girl was given to a Wisconsin father who has been convicted of abusing his teenage daughter. The 42-year-old man received a 5-year sentence in prison from Dane County Circuit Judge Julie Genovese after the father starved his daughter down to a mere 68 pounds, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday.

Man sentenced five years for starving daughter

In a prepared statement, the father said that his daughter had severe emotional and behavioral problems that he simply could not handle. He also asserted that he is a truck driver which keeps him away from his daughter at home, and he did not notice how much weight she had lost. The man said there was no master plan against his daughter. He said, “I was bailing water from a sinking boat with my bare hands.”

The sentencing follows a case that emerged in February of 2012 when the girl, 15-years-old at the time, ran away from home in Madison, Wisconsin. She was picked up by a passing motorist at the time. When she spoke to investigators two years ago, she told them that she had been denied food as she was confined to the basement in the home.

Judge Genovese agreed that the girl had problems and said that everyone who encountered her failed in helping her. She told the father that it is his job as a dad to recognize his daughter needs help and he didn’t do that. She told the man, “The buck stops with you,” and gives him the blame and the punishment. Though the man was eligible for up to 28 years in prison, he was given the lesser sentence.

Besides the confinement and starvation, the teenager told investigators that she had been beaten by her step-mother and forced to perform oral sex on her step-brother. She also claimed she was forced to drink her own urine and eat her own feces.

Last summer, the step-mother was sentenced to five years in prison for reckless endangerment and causing mental harm to a child – a charge of which the step-mother plead no contest.

The step-brother’s trial on sexual assault charges are set for February.

The name of the family has not been released to protect the identity of the teenage girl.

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