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Prison for starving girl: 68 lb. teen's father and stepmother get 5 years each

Prison for starving girl: Father and Stepmother get 5 years.
Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

A Wisconsin judge sentenced the parents of a starving girl to prison after the teen, who weighed only 68 pounds, ran away from home looking for help. The girl claims she was kept prisoner in their home for five years and starved as punishment, according to ABC News on Jan. 29.

The Wisconsin father was sentenced to five years on Wednesday during his second trial, with the first trial ending as a deadlock as jurors could not come to a verdict. That wasn't the case this time around as the judge gave the father the same amount of time behind bars as his wife got for her involvement in this case.

The stepmother of this girl is already serving a five year prison term in this case after she had her day in court and pleaded "no-contest" to the charges.

Authorities did not release any of the family’s names in hopes of keeping the girl’s identity away from the public. The 15-year-old girl ran away from home in 2012 and she was picked up by someone driving by.

The girl told her story to the police, a story that was quite horrific in nature. She said her father and step mother kept her confined to the basement for the last five years and starved her. She claims that she was beaten by the stepmother.

She claims she was forced to eat her own feces and drink her own urine. Her stepbrother forced her to perform oral sex on him, the girl claims. The stepbrother is due in court to face charges next month.

The father, who is a trucker, said that his daughter suffers severe emotional and behavioral problems and that he had a hard time handling her. He didn’t realize how thin she’d become because his job keeps him away from home for long periods of time.

Dane County Circuit Judge Julie Genovese said “it was clear the girl had problems and that everyone who encountered her failed her. But, she told the father, it’s your turn to accept your part in this," according to ABC.

The father insisted this was not anything that was planned. The father said:

“There was no master plan against my daughter.” He continued in a voice that was cracking at times, “I was bailing water from a sinking boat with my bare hands."

Another piece to this bizarre case is that a psychologist suggested that the girl sleep on a different level than the rest of the family and that social services were involved with this family, this was what the father included in his testimony. He also said that the social workers should have removed her from the home.

The father said he respected the judge’s decision when she sentenced him to five years.

The judge said in court that the parents stole five years of the girl’s life and they will now have to give up five years of their lives.

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