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Prioria Robotics Loans Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, "Maveric" to FMARS 2009 Expedition

Image Credit: 2009 FMARS Crew

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The 2009 Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station or FMARS is using techniques and technology in new and exciting ways that previous year's crews could only dream about.  Whereas previous crews would roll around on ATVs and look good in their simulated spacesuits, the 2009 crew is using a lunar rover built by a Google Lunar X-Prize contestant team, GPS tracking, LIDAR...and an unmanned aerial vehicle built by Prioria Robotics out of Gainesville, Florida.

With a camera mounted in the bottom of the craft, the tiny vehicle is soaring around the habitat and frigid wastes that are a perfect analogy to the martian terrain, scouting out prominent and interesting geological features, dangers and new locations for exploration.

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