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Printing service for digital photos

Walgreens coupon B26G27
Walgreens coupon B26G27

Part of paper crafting involves using pictures. In this day and age many pictures are taken but don't end up being printed. In fact for kids under ten, most rarely, if ever, actually hold pictures but rather look at them on digital devices and phones.

There are serval online services that can help you change that trend. Yours truly has recently discovered the Walgreens printing service. Using your iPhone, you simply download the Walgreens application and install. Once installed, open the ap and select Photo. You now have the option to print from pictures on your phone or from your Facebook account. Your data speed connection and the number of photos you choose will determine how long it takes you to upload. It's a fairly quick process and once your order is submitted the printing of your photos is done within the hour. You can even crop and edit your photos once uploaded. Once your order is received, you drive to your selected Walgreens and pick up your photos.

With the application on your phone you can now get pictures printed easily and quickly to use in your paper crafting projects. The young ones will be amazed! Through October 20, buy 26 pictures, get 27 additional pictures free, use code B26G27.