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Printed business cards & auction id cards will dazzle buyers & make your eBay business professional

I highly recommend VistaPrint!
I highly recommend VistaPrint!

     Don't you just hate it, even cringe, when the package you have been waiting for arrives and you open it....and your item is just plopped into the box? The happens to us all when we shop online. It could be a eBay seller, and Amazon seller, an Etsy seller, a Bonanzle seller, it doesn't matter.
What does matter is that these sellers have totally missed the boat on delighting me, the buyer.
They didn't take any extra steps to make me fall in love with their store or their service. They simply sent me what I ordered.  In today's world, a million people do that a day--it isn't a big deal.

     However, imagine how different I would have felt if inside with my item was a professionally printed card that thanked me for my business. It would have on it, of corse, the name of the business and the website address where I could return to shop again.

     Imagine if they would have included a professionally printed postcard inside with their store logo, something I could keep by my computer and easily find when I am shopping online so I could return to them again.

     What about a notecard explaining the eBay 5 Gold Star rating system, and how important it is for the buyer to rate the seller with all 5's. (Many new eBayers do not know the importance of this rating to sellers). This card should also give me a direct email in case I want to contact them to resolve any issues BEFORE I were to leave a negative feedback. Imagine how useful this would be!  Wouldn't you, as a seller, rather the unhappy buyer contacted you first to work out their angst before they lept ahead and gave you a negative feedback rating with low star ratings? I know I would.

     That is why I am encouraging all eBay sellers to include some type of printed matter with your shipments. Dazzle your buyers, they deserve it; they are your paycheck.

     There are several online sources for very very inexpensive printed materials. We personally use VistaPrint and love their service. OvernightPrints is another company that I have heard positive talk about.  VistaPrint often runs free specials for business cards, postcards, etc. You have to pay for shipping on these free items but they still come down to less than .10 each. Ten cents to secure a customer and to dazzle them seems like a bargain to me. Plus, if you watch VistaPrint's sales (subscribe to their newsletter), you can take advantage of their "free shipping" sale. When this happens, it is worthwhile to place a bigger order and take advantage of their "free shipping on orders over $50".

     VistaPrint (and the other companies like them online) offer very easy step by step directions for creating your cards. They have hundreds of templates you can use to format your card if you do not have your own eBay Store logo. You can create whatever wording works for you. In doing so, please remember to:

  • thank them for shopping with you
  • remind them where to find you online
  • mention their order number
  • give them your business email address
  • remind them to leave you positive feedback
  • if you are on social networks, you can give them your Twitter ID or Facebook Fan page link

     This small investment will reap you happy shoppers and fans of your eBay store--and what is better than that?

Save 25-50% off on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

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