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Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Wild Boar

Display clip for let's write about tale called 'Wild Boar'
Display clip for let's write about tale called 'Wild Boar'
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

After reading the anti-bullying tale called ‘Wild Boar’, students will respond to six Bloom’s Taxonomy questions.

The teacher can use the questions as listed on the link called “Writing assignment: Wild Boar.”

Alternatively, the teacher can print off the downloadable free worksheet called “Let’s write about the anti-bullying tale called ‘Wild Boar’.”

What’s the story about?

Story Description: This short story will demonstrate the importance of not judging as we perceive the actions of others. It also demonstrates the FIGHT OR FLIGHT Instinct in action.

In this story, there is a wild boar. Who knows what a wild boar is? Watch the slideshow or video to see a picture of a wild boar drawn by a boy named T.J. Hutcheson when he was in the sixth grade.

Sometimes people do strange things and we get the totally wrong impression about them. That is the situation in this next story. Listen and notice what you find strange or different about the actions of the short man in this story called “The Tall Man and the Short Man.”

Other lesson plan links for this story

  1. Section 1: Lesson Objectives
  2. Section 2: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘K’ and ‘W’ questions)
  3. Section 3: Vocabulary
  4. Section 4: Story plus Video and Slideshow
  5. Section 5: Popcorn Review
  6. Section 6: Skit Activity
  7. Section 7: Bloom’s Taxonomy discussion questions
  8. Section 8: Writing assignment
  9. Section 9: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘L’ questions)
  • Bonus: Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Write about ‘Wild Boar’ (See above article and downloadable worksheet.)


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