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Printable anti-bullying worksheet: The Ball

Display clip for let's write about tale called 'The Ball'
Display clip for let's write about tale called 'The Ball'
Story by Terry Gardner used with permission and re-told by Debbie Dunn

After reading the anti-bullying tale called ‘The Ball’, students will respond to six Bloom’s Taxonomy questions.

The teacher can use the questions as listed on the link called “Writing assignment: The Ball.”

Alternatively, the teacher can print off the downloadable free worksheet called “Let’s write about the anti-bullying tale called ‘The Ball’.”

What’s the story about?

Story Description: Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach about the importance of the Character Education traits of Self Control, Valuing & Respecting Self, Valuing & Respecting Others, and Tolerance & Allowing. In the set of follow-up discussion questions, your students will also learn key features of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey process.

This is the first story of seven about a 6th-grade boy named Jack. Jack tries out for the football team even though he is tall and gangly and wears glasses. The older boys pick on him unmercifully. Many of the kids at the school make fun of him. Then Jack discovers basketball. Read how he experiences great success when he turns to a sport he truly loves.

Please note: As a clinical social worker, Mr. Terry Gardner kindly created these stories for Debbie Dunn’s Communication Skills class at CMS back in 2001.This Terry Gardner Jack Tale is shared in his memory and with permission of his widow, Lin Gardner.

Other lesson plan links for this story

  • Bonus: Role-play slideshow: The Ball
  • Bonus: Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Write about ‘The Ball’ (See above article and downloadable worksheet.)


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