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Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

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After reading the anti-bullying tale called ‘Six Blind Men and the Elephant’, students will respond to six Bloom’s Taxonomy questions.

The teacher can use the questions as listed on the link called “Writing assignment: Six Blind Men and the Elephant.”

Alternatively, the teacher can print off the downloadable free worksheet called “Let’s write about the anti-bullying tale called ‘Six Blind Men and the Elephant’.”

What’s the story about?

Story Description: This is a parable from India that is re-told by Debbie Dunn.

When conflict arises, we have two options. We can choose to continue the conflict or to problem-solve. This parable from India deals with times when people misinterpret what is really going on and they jump to the wrong conclusions. In the case of this particular story, six blind men encounter an elephant. Listen for how each blind man perceives what an elephant looks like.

Other lesson plan links for this story

  1. Section 1: Lesson Objectives
  2. Section 2: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘K’ and ‘W’ questions)
  3. Section 3: Vocabulary
  4. Section 4: Story
  5. Section 5: Popcorn Review
  6. Section 6: Perception Video and Slideshow
  7. Section 7: Skit
  8. Section 8: Bloom’s Taxonomy discussion questions
  9. Section 9: Writing assignment
  10. Section 10: Perception ‘Charades’ Game
  11. Section 11: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘L’ questions)
  • Bonus: Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Write about ‘Six Blind Men and the Elephant’ (See above article and downloadable worksheet.)


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