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Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Jerry checks his facts

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After reading the anti-bullying tale called ‘ Jerry checks his facts’, students will respond to five Main Idea discussion questions.

The teacher can use the questions as listed on the link called “Writing assignment: Jerry checks his facts.”

Alternatively, the teacher can print off the downloadable free worksheet called “Let’s write about the anti-bullying tale called ‘ Jerry checks his facts’.”

What’s the story about?

Story Description: Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach about the need for Self-Mentoring when you are a victim of false rumors and trying to get to the bottom of a he said – she said situation. Have you ever had one of those he said / she said situations where you are not sure who to believe?

That’s what happened to Jerry. Julie walked up and said, “Jerry! I can’t believe you did that!” Jerry asked, “Did what?” Julie said, “What Kelly said you did.” When Jerry found out what Kelly said about him, he was furious. He imagined all kinds of scenarios where he would get his revenge with Kelly for starting such an embarrassing rumor about him until it occurred to him that it was perhaps Julie who was the trouble-maker instead of Kelly. He was determined to find out which girl was trying to make trouble for him. But how?

Other lesson plan links for this story

  1. Section 1: Lesson Objectives
  2. Section 2: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘K’ and ‘W’ questions)
  3. Section 3: Vocabulary
  4. Section 4: Story
  5. Section 5: Popcorn Review
  6. Section 6: Role-Play
  7. Section 7: Main Idea discussion questions
  8. Section 8: Writing assignment
  9. Section 9: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘L’ questions)


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