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Print Payroll Checks on Blank Check Stock or Preprinted Checks?

Check Printing Software in Action
Check Printing Software in Action

Many businesses choose to print their checks on preprinted forms, which is an excellent option. You simply order the checks, making sure they work with the payroll program you are using, submitting the information you would like to have printed on the checks. However, there may be times when it makes sense to print checks on blank check stock, rather than on the preprinted forms. Printing on blank check stock involves purchasing the paper and a special magnetic ink called “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition” ink, or “MICR Ink.” Which option is right for your business? Consider these aspects of check printing, and decide which option is best for you.

Paper Waste Reduction.

No matter which method you use for printing checks, you will be using paper. If you have any upcoming changes that will affect the information on your checks, you could benefit from using black check stock. Rather than having to throw out/destroy the preprinted forms that become obsolete once the change is made, you can use blank check stock. Since you are printing the checks yourself, changes can be made easily, and as often as needed.

Print Signatures.

The person at your company who signs the checks may also be a person who is out traveling quite a bit, or simply unable to sign pay checks for some reason. If this is the case, you can print that person’s signature onto the pay checks by using MICR Ink printing and blank check stock. Printing a signature offers more flexibility for those who may find it hard to be able to sign pay checks.


Ordering preprinted checks is actually pretty easy these days. Most payroll software providers offer a preferred check printing vendor who ensures that their checks work with your program (Source: Using blank check stock is also easy, but there is the additional step of making sure you have the special MICR ink and the check paper in stock and on hand.

The decision to print checks yourself on blank check stock or order preprinted checks really depends on your business and which option fits best for you. If you do decide to try printing checks on blank check stock, be sure to ask your payroll software vendor if it is an option within the payroll system you are using.

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