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Print newspapers fight against bill posting legal notices online

Connecticut newspapers will feature a full-page add this month protesting a proposed bill allowing cities and towns to nail legal notices, not to the largest wood door in the town square, but to the municipality’s web sites (instead of the local newspaper).

The plan would not only make the printed newspaper obsolete in one more aspect of the average American’s daily life, but also according to James Leahy, executive director of the Connecticut Daily Newspaper Association, the proposed bill would allow local governments to bury vital information of public concern in their web sites.
Governor Jodi Rell attempted to implement the plan in her latest budget proposal last year, even after a similar bill died in the state’s legislature.

However, proponents of the bill, including New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart, say that it will save the state thousands of dollars a year in the cost of advertisement, distribution and paper and ink supplies.



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