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Princeton mom offensive advice: 'Marry Smart' book has offensive mom under fire

A Princeton mom gives some offensive advice in her new book, "Marry Smart," and some people don't agree with it. On March 12, the Christian Post reported that Susan Patton -- known as the "Princeton Mom" -- penned a book in which she shares her advice on life so-to-speak. She encourages college girls to "multi-task" and try to work on finding a husband rather than focus on keeping up their grades and having a successful career.

"College-age women should multitask while they're on campus. Work will wait. Your fertility won't. So yes, I'm saying, double down. Spend 75 percent of time planning your personal happiness, putting in place the things you need to ensure you reach your personal goals," explained Patton during an interview with "Today" (via the Christian Post).

The Princeton mom offered offensive advice in a letter that she wrote to the school (which happens to be her alma mater). She penned "A Little Valentine's Day Straight Talk" to Princeton in which she explained how important she thought it was for women to find husbands while in college instead of building their careers and waiting until they are in their 30's. That letter, controversial as it was/is, led to Patton's new book which is definitely making people talk (but that's the point, right?).

"My advice is for women who know what they want, that part of their life goal is to have children in a traditional marriage. You're not getting any younger, you have to get to this, you have to plan for it," Patton continued.

More on Princeton mom's offensive advice in the video above.

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