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Princesses Sahar Jawaher palace: King hides princesses in palace 13 years

Modestly dressed women in Saudi Arabia.
Commons Wikimedia

Princesses Sahar and Jawaher have been held captive in a palace by their father, the King of Saudi Arabia. This has been going on for 13 years, according to King Abdullah's ex-wife, Alanound Alfayez.

Alfayez released this information to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), The Jerusalem Post reported March 9.

Alfayez claim that her daughters are "imprisoned, held against their will, cut off from the world" with their half-brother in charge of them. Princesses Sahar and Jawaher were only allowed to leave the palace to bring back groceries.

According to an email Sahar, 42, and Jawaher, 38, wrote in an email to the Sunday Times, they have two other sisters held captive at the palace by their father -- Hala, 39, and Mahna, 41. They reportedly lived separated from them, but in the same palace. The women have watched each other "slowly fading away into nothingness" and that life was being "sucked out of" one of them.

As horrible as this sounds, women in Arab nations are not treated equal or humanely. In fact, under Saudi law, the king is allowed to hold his daughters captive and monitor their travel. The nation requires all females to have a male guardian which is normally a father, brother, or husband. Men must also "approve" most aspects of women's lives

Hopefully the UN agency will be able to help Princesses Sahar, Jawaher, and their sisters from being enslaved in the palace any longer. This is just another reminder that there are still nations out there who do not view women as human beings worthy of respect.

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