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Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein drunken rant: Nude princess anti-Muslim rant

Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein
Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein / Wikipedia

Now this isn’t very princess-like is it? German Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein has made headlines this week for her drunken, anti-Muslim rant that the 27-year-old spewed as she was partying it up recently in Scotland.

Reports Fox News: The princess was “fined £1,000 (about $1700) and admitted to one charge of disturbing the peace aggravated by religious prejudice, and two counts of assault as a result of the incident.”

Fox News said that Theodora was “attending an Oktoberfest party at the prestigious St. Andrews college in Scotland – where she was once a student – when she tried to climb a fence and started taking off her clothes.”

Staff at the event coaxed the smashed princess down and took her over to a first aid station where she allegedly told an Indian first-aid worker, identified as Farah Hussein: “I was doing my nails this morning. I wondered how many Muslims I could kill.”

The pampered princess ruined the posh gala after she was arrested and even put in leg restraints because of her abusive and aggressive behavior. She reportedly went on the attack against the first aid workers and security staff, kicking them and even trying to deliver a few head-butts for good measure.

Reports “During a hearing on the case Thursday, Prosecutor Trina Sinclair told the court Hussein was trying to help the near-naked princess to put her clothes back on when Sayn-Wittgenstein launched into an anti-Muslim tirade, prompting Hussein to flee the room in tears.”

“The accused stood on a chair and began to rant about her human rights,” Sinclair said.

The junior royal member is clearly ashamed of her anti-Muslim diatribe. She arrived at the Scottish Dundee Sheriff Court on Thursday with her father, Prince Ludwig, wearing a brunette wig.

Defense attorney Douglas Williams blamed her ridiculous actions on her “thyroid condition,” but admitted that her actions “brought shame on herself and her family.”

“Her behavior was totally out of character. She has a degree in international relations and has lived in Jordan, immersing herself in Middle Eastern culture,” Williams added.

A degree in international relations? Sounds like she’s about to start a war.

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