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Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein drunken rant: Princess' thyroid culprit?

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Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein of Germany put on quite the show at a prestigious university in Scotland, the same university that graduated Prince William and Kate Middleton. In a drunken rant the princess climbed a fence and went off on a tangent about Muslims while stripping off her clothes, according to the Canada Journal on June 28.

That was just the icing on the cake as Princess Theodora, who was attending an Oktoberfest party at the university where she is an alumi, assaulted a couple of medical workers after St. Andrews University staff wrestled her down off the fence. She was taken into a medical tent where she told worker Farah Hussein that while she was doing her nails that morning she “wondered how many Muslims she could kill.”

Hussein was trying to help the princess put her clothes back on, but the Princess went off on another anti-Muslim tirade, which caused Hussein to flee the tent in tears. She continued with her verbal and physical attacks on just about anyone who came near her to try and help, according to Fox News.

After she sprouted off about her nails she attacked a medical worker and a security guard for the college by kicking one and head-butting another. She was finally pinned to the ground, but she needed restraints to be transported the local police station.

You would think that maybe she’d compose herself while in court after such a display of atrocious behavior, but no she didn’t. While in court the next day, the Princess stood on a chair and went on another rant, this time she went on and on about her “human rights.”

Decked out for court under the semi-disguise of a brunette wig, she tried to hide from the photographers, but made herself the center of attention in the courtroom. The Princess admitted to one charge of disturbing the peace and was fined $1,700 at this hearing. She still has two counts of assault to face from this seemingly crazed tangent she embarked on.

The Princess gave a Chelsea, London address to the court, but she lives in Germany. She works for her father’s alternative energy firm. Her father, Prince Ludwig on Thursday, and the family’s lawyer offered an excuse for the Princess’s behavior. Attorney Douglas Williams said that this drunken rant was “totally out of character” for the Princess.

He blamed her “thyroid condition” for rendering her unstable. He said that the thyroid problem may have contributed to this “erratic behavior.” He also said that the Princess has brought “shame to herself and her family.”

There is no doubt about this woman being highly educated, as her lawyer eluded to, he said she “has lived in Jordan immersing herself in Middle Eastern culture. Ironically, her degree is in International relations .